All three kittens and their mother are available for adoption. They have been well fed and kept for the last few months and all are in the pink of health.

If you would like to come and visit the kittens to see if they are suitable as your new friend, please call or email at the respective contact below.

Serious adopters and pet lovers only.


Tel: 9666 5144
Email: kim@connols-air.com



Mommy Jackie_K has stopped breast feeding her babies and the kittens have begun taking in solid food at Week 5. Meanwhile, the kittens are learning all sorta cool tricks like hopping and running and climbing on even higher and bigger things.

Which only means one thing- they need families to take care of them now. I love them very much but my family lives in a small apartment in which we already house 2 cats. We all work so none of us can really take in any more animals to look after with the appropriate care.

LOOKING FOR ADOPTERS who are genuine in growing with a new feline friend. The temperament of these kittens are amazing, they are friendly to people and they love belly rubs. They are incredible smart and super cute. I kid you not. They are actually more affectionate that the 2 cats that have lived with me for 2 years.

Please email or call me ASAP: 9666 5144
email: kim@connols-air.com

Kittens are proving to be as agile and smart as their Mommy!

All 3 kittens are growing well and becoming very active. They are super playful and absolutely adorable. They are not on solid food yet but are already on their feet learning how to use their legs. 


3weeksold kitten

Joining our planet on their 7th day, these guys are in great health. Took them to the vet at Holland V (Pet Lovers) and they are in good weight and spirits. Kittens are alert and active.


Kitten Close-up Face

Today marks the day that Mommy cat Jackie_K gives birth to three healthy babies. 2 boys and a girl. All 4 feline friends seem to be doing very well.